Action Change – Child Marriages

by Tinashe Kaseke

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, Zimbabwe

Tinashe Kaseke

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Campaign Story

Provides girls with mental and educational support, as well as sustainable solutions for partners to independently earn a living to contribute towards gender equality and access to quality education to give girls the opportunity to make informed decisions. Action Change aims to curb child marriages in Africa, which currently seat at a 30% rate In Africa, around 30%, contributing to high fertility rates, increased health risks, reduced educational levels and cost countries billions of dollars in economic loss.

The project aims at educating parents and girls about the risk of child marriage; provide education and group therapy to girls who have been or are at risk of being victims of child marriage, and offer income generation schemes to parents to prevent child marriages in the future.

By adopting responsive and proactive measures against child marriage, girls will be empowered by maintaining good health, get access to education and reduce fertility rates. The World Bank states that child marriages cost the African countries tens of billions of dollars in lost earnings which demonstrates the potential of economic growth and the opportunity of breaking the cycle of poverty as girls with secondary education are more likely to earn twice as much as those without secondary level.