Harvesters in Sport Trust

by Tinashe Kaseke

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Mount Hampden, Zimbabwe

Tinashe Kaseke

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Campaign Story

The trust uses sports to build relations with children in disadvantaged communities of Mount Hampden. They encourage recreational games, identify neglected but talented children, know them through fun activities during sports time, and help some return to school. The trust’s aim is not restricted to targeting bright kids but to afford equal life opportunities to all kids. They see a need to provide a school due to the imminent removal of children from land earmarked for govt projects and believe that the children’s lives should not be stalled.

Children are given a safe space to open up about their challenges through friendly discussions during and after a game of football or netball. They get a chance to be normal children and for that day not worry about the next meal because meals are provided. Counseling is provided by professionals who volunteer. The games are fun and recreational, and the allow the children to let their guard down and be able to think positively. Re-orientation into schools is one of the goals so that the children can have access to basic education.