Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation (JHWO)

by Kumbirai Matingo

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, Zimbabwe

Kumbirai Matingo

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The Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation (JHWO) is dedicated to addressing social welfare needs and supporting vulnerable populations. Its activities may include:

Providing food aid, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities to disadvantaged individuals, families, or communities facing economic hardships or crises.
Offering social services such as counseling, rehabilitation, and case management for individuals dealing with issues such as homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, or mental health challenges.
Conducting community development projects aimed at improving living conditions, promoting education, empowering women and youth, and enhancing overall well-being.
Collaborating with government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to coordinate relief efforts, advocate for social policies, and address systemic issues affecting marginalized groups.
Engaging in advocacy, awareness campaigns, and fundraising activities to raise public awareness, mobilize support, and promote social justice and equality.