Pastoral Care and Counseling Services



Pastoral Care and Counseling Services involve providing emotional, spiritual, and psychological support to individuals, families, or groups within a religious or faith-based setting. This includes

Counseling sessions that address personal, relational, emotional, or spiritual issues such as grief, stress, anxiety, depression, marital problems, substance abuse, and trauma.
Offering guidance, encouragement, and prayer support to help individuals navigate life challenges, make decisions, and find meaning or purpose in difficult circumstances.
Conducting pastoral visits, hospital or hospice visits, and home visits to provide compassionate care and support to those facing illness, bereavement, or other life transitions.
Facilitating support groups, workshops, or educational programs on topics related to mental health, spiritual growth, coping skills, and wellness.
Collaborating with mental health professionals, social workers, and healthcare providers to ensure holistic care and referrals to appropriate services when needed.