Zimbabwe Educational Trust – Educate Vulnerable People

by Tinashe Kaseke

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, Zimbabwe

Tinashe Kaseke

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Campaign Story

The Zimbabwe Educational Trust is working to remove or otherwise overcome the barriers to education faced by some of Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable. They support predominantly children and their families through securing Birth Certificates, a gateway to basic rights including education, employment and social services. They also empower women through different programmes like skills for life, specialist training and work experience. Programmes also include teaching Conservation Agriculture techniques – sustainable, low tech but high yield methods for farmers in the face of climate change.

The project looks to remove the barriers that are faced by those in difficult situations. Enabling improved access to education and higher standards of education, ZET work ensures that vulnerable people are better placed to live a life with genuine opportunity, with dignity and independence. The work removes dependencies, reducing the risk of abuse and exploitation whilst empowering people with the skills and confidence to raise themselves out of poverty and sustain it.