Abraham’s Children Foundation
Country: Nigeria
Strategic Focus: Education
Strategic Focus Alignment Status: Aligned
Website (Online URL): https://abrahams-children-international.business.site
Abraham’s Children Foundation

It works on promoting peace and human unity through the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. The foundation focuses on areas such as health, education, environment/climate change, disaster relief, conflict resolution/peace building, women empowerment, youth development, community social services development, child rights, human rights, democracy, and good governance in communities where Jews, Christians, and Muslims live with humans of other religions. Their vision is to have a peaceful, secure, and united human community in nations accessible to basic social and developmental services. Their mission statement is “To be the leading world-class Non-profit organization (NPO) promoting peace and unity among humans on earth”. They aim to have 10,000 peaceful and united human communities in nations without security challenges over the period 2013-2025 and to prevent 2 million lives lost due to violence associable with inaccessibility to social and developmental basic needs over the same period.